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For over 18 years, 'FEIYOU®'  has strived to produce the finest playground equipment in the industry IN CHINA. Our focus has always been on quality, innovation and value and it shows, AND with competitive price

Our Team Specializes In State-Of The Art Commercial, School & Park Playgrounds    

Our manufacturing facility is one of the most modern in the industry in china and is virtually self-contained. What does this mean? It means we can control in-house all aspects of the manufacturing process thus producing the highest quality, most innovative products in a timely fashion. From steel fabrication, to coated steel decking, custom routed sheet plastic components, to roto-molded plastic production, our world class facility is poised to deliver.    We are very proud of our dedicated employees who work hard daily to insure the success of our company. It is because of their commitment and hard work coupled with quality materials and a manufacturing process second to none that we can truly say the 'FEIYOU®' is Expanding the big of Play, one playground at a time.

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