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FEIYOU is one of the leading China plastic toys manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. Different from large outdoor playground equipment, those small plastic toys are popular for home use, children can play at home. Product like rocking horse, spring ride, playhouse, ball pool, mini plastic cars, mini slide, lots of small toys for you to choose. We our toys bring hope happiness around your house.
Ball pool
ITEM NO: Ball pool
This square ball pool is connected by many pcs, the smallest one is 6 quare meter, and you can add to 9 or more. All kids like ballpool, as there are so many colorful balls, and the can go inside completely.
Dinosaur Sand Pit
ITEM NO: Dinosaur Sand Pit
This sand pit is made in dinosaur design, have cover. It's a perfect toy to bring cheerful to kids while in the hot summer.
Daby Walking Car
ITEM NO: Daby Walking Car
This car it's nice designed, and maybe you have see it in some airport. It's like a real car, the door can be opened, and kids come to seat inside. It's goes by kids walk. Buy your kids the fist car!
Magic Tree Play House
ITEM NO: Magic Tree Play House
This magic tree is designed as a real tree, kids can climbing the stairs inside the tree in one side, and slide dnow in the other, and it's with door bell. The nice design make it welcomed by our customers.
Plastic Horse Seesaw
ITEM NO: Plastic Horse Seesaw
This is all plastic seasaw, leight in weight, and easy move. take this seesaw, we no more need to go the park, let make the play more easy and convenience.
Plastic Fence
ITEM NO: Plastic Fence
this plastic fence can made in different colors, and can connect to each, so, can make it long. You can use it in your home, to sperate the kids play area.
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