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Since 1993, Feiyou has produced and delivered on revolutionary playground equipment from stands apart the competition market, Happy Chilhood, Feiyou Together

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Feiyou Amusement have a long history for manufacture of playground since 1993 in China, we have a lot details about our company and production, we’re caring every details for the kids playground equipment products.

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We’re providing the complete catalog of playground related products for your review. You’re welcome to download our catalog and send us the requests on supports of quote and drawing.

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Playgrounds should be a lot of things. A safe place for children to relax away from the classroom. Somewhere to spend time with friends and family. A home away from home near their house or at their local park. Wherever they are, playgrounds should always be filled with laughter, games, and fun. To make this a reality,

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Any piece of playground equipment, from swings to a full structure, must meet certain standards to be considered safe. Feiyou Amusement is committed to meeting and exceeding those standards. We understand that safety is always your first concern and by meeting these standards and certifications we can provide you with a sense of relief so you can focus on children having fun.

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Our Team

Feiyou Amusement is a company which have more than 500 employees for playground equipment products, we have an exceptional team of industry experts available to assist you in choosing the outdoor and indoor play structure that is right for your space, regardless of the location or project budget.

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#16 Chuangqiang Road, Light industrial area, Lucheng district, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China.



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